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CCS Connect Community Services

Position available: Executive Director

Interested applicants should email a resume, cover letter, and the application below to:

In partnership with our communities, the mission of CCS Connect Community Services is to provide individuals with resources, and educational assistance to gain financial independence and improve lives.

Executive Director Job Description:

Work with the board to develop strategies for achieving mission goals and financial viability.

Provide both support and leadership to board. See that board members are kept fully informed in a timely manner on the condition of the organization and important factors influencing it. See that committees are appropriately supported.

Work with board officers to ensure that the board is effective as a body and that recruitment, involvement and departures of individual board members are effective. Work with board president to provide suitable and timely information to the board about key issues for discussion, analysis and decision making that allows the board to set the agenda and focus of meetings. Additional duties can be added as described by the board.

With the board develop, implement, and monitor a realistic, ambitious fundraising plan that includes funding from grants, corporations, sponsorships, special events, monthly giving, and individual and major donors. Apply for grants that line up with CCS goals programs and budget. Track funds that are spent and report to funders. Participate actively in identifying, cultivating, and soliciting potential donors. Help develop relationships with local businesses, funders, foundations, churches, individuals and so forth. Provide timely recognition of contributions and grants received.  Work with board to successfully involve others in fundraising.

Jointly with the board conduct official correspondence for CCS and execute legal documents appropriately. Clearly articulate and model the organization’s values and mission to the staff, volunteers, board, funders, clients, and the community. Share her/his vision for CCS and inspire visionary thinking and action in others consistent with the mission.

Work with the board to create, develop, evaluate, modify, implement, and dismantle programs, opportunities, and activities to maximize CCS goals and mission impact.

Oversee and work with staff and volunteers to maintain and provide necessary resources and education for program support.

Cultivate connections with businesses and agencies that can help CCS clients achieve their goals.

Work with treasurer and board to prepare budgets, monitor progress, and initiate changes (to operations and /or to budgets) as appropriate. Assure adequate control and accounting of all funds including maintain sound financial practices and complying with all laws. Ensure equipment and building are maintained.

See that official records and documents are retained: see to compliance with federal state and local regulations (examples: form 990 payroll withholding) Keep and report accurate record of program impact and costs. Ensure client forms and documents are accurate and up to date.

Maintain and utilize a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in fundraising, marketing, best practices, and management of non- profit.

Serve as effective spokesperson. Represent CCS well to clients, community, donors, other non-profits, and individuals.

Communicate effectively to board, clients, community, donors, foundations, grantors, other non-profits, and individuals.

Participate and create community events.

Recruit, train, empower, inspire, and encourage volunteers and staff. Make sure that required and voluntary training is offered, and credentials are kept up to date. Provide feedback and performance evaluations.

Ensure that CCS procedures and policies are developed, updated, and followed Also ensures that partnering agencies guidelines and procedures are followed and proper reports are done in a timely manner.

Lead staff and volunteers in maintaining a climate of excellence, accountability, respect, and confidentiality.

Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

This is a full-time position 40 hours per week. Salary is determined by the board. Hours worked vary based on need.  3 floating holidays per year cannot be carried over. 3 days of PTO per year can carry over 3 max per year. Up to 8 hours of flex time per month to be used within that month. Paid all holidays CCS is closed.

CCS is closed New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Wednesday before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day, a week in December.

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