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CCS Connect Community Services began in the hearts of our founders in September of 2013.

This group recognized that it is often a challenge for individuals and families in

small communities to find assistance when they are going through difficult times.

It is also difficult for community members to connect their desire to help and

resources to those in need to make the biggest impact.


CCS Founders worked with the community, city officials, businesses, churches, educators and service organizations across the Texas Panhandle to understand the needs. The result is One stop shop connecting people with community services in the top 26 counties of the Panhandle and effort is beginning in Fritch and Sanford.


CCS’s goal is focused on building community ties and safety nets to help families cycle out of poverty.

CCS was incorporated in the State of Texas in September 2014 and obtained status as a

501(c)3 non-profit May 2015 (EIN 46-5699270). CCS is a Hutchinson County United Way agency.

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