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Our Success Stories

CCS partners with the Sanford-Fritch High School Student Council in providing food to families in Fritch and Sanford.  The Student Council conducts a food drive each fall and has historically donated the food to organizations outside of Fritch and Sanford. 


In 2014, the food was donated to CCS who subsequently distributed it to approximately 60 families who were affected by the Fritch Fire.  CCS also partnered with other non-profits and area churches to provide holiday meals  since 2014 and Angel Tree gifts since 2015.

In 2018

  • Back to School shoes and socks were donated to 79 kids in SFISD.

  • 19 people working on their GED.

  • 73 families received Thanksgiving Meals.

  • 72 kids in Fritch received multiple Christmas gifts from generous donations to Angel Tree.

  • 70 families signed up to received Christmas Meals.

  • 7 people have been employed through our computer lab

  • 64 households have received 738 items from our clothes closet.

CCS has been able to provide:

  • Holiday meals since 2014

  • Angel Tree gifts since 2015

  • Crises Assistance for families suffering from the fires of 2014 and many in crisis families since.

  • Educational Training to local high school students on Planning for College and Paying for College.

  • Back to School shoes and socks to SFISD students in need.

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